As everything shows, the way is open to solve the thread that has been stalling the construction of the Thessaloniki metro for about a decade. According to information, the decision of the Council of State regarding the solution of the removal and relocation of the antiquities at Venizelos Station is positive.

The three appeals that were filed were heard in early November. These were initiated in order to stop the decision that will finally unblock the long-suffering project, to be completed according to the government’s commitment, in 2023.

In essence, opponents of the solution, who advocate the in situ preservation of antiquities, turned against the ministerial decision that ratified the positive opinion of the Central Archeological Council on the solution of removal and reinstatement.

This development, which seems to give the green light in order to begin construction of the station, shields the course of the project, despite the fact that those reacting have made it clear that they will appeal against any decision of the Archeological Council.

In any case, the authorities expect to be given the decision of the Council of State, in order to proceed with the continuation of work and of course to accelerate because the schedules are pressing hard.

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