When you sweep a problem under the rug and refuse for various reasons to confront it it will reappear in a manner that is even worse.

That is what is happening now with the refugee issue which is a time-bomb that was activated at the worst possible moment.

With Greek-Turkish tensions and the pandemic crisis having put the entire country on red alert suddenly the refugee issue exploded.

After yesterday’s burning down of the refugee and migrant camp in Moria on the island of Lesvos the government and the country are confronted with a real torrent.

The drama that so many human beings are experiencing cannot be expressed with clichés or mannerisms, nor can it be handled with platitudinous urgings, instructions, and mere wishes. Such rhetoric is hollow and cannot ease the human suffering.

The critical nature of the problem requires immediate solutions. This situation cannot continue. It is a shame for our “civilised” world.

The time has come to present persuasive and viable solutions instead of playing the blame game as successive governments bear responsibility.

Europe has a duty to history.

It must mobilise and demonstrate in practice its faith in the value of humanitarianism and solidarity.

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