Each day that goes by our arsenal in the battle against the pandemic is being fortified with new data.

Yet there are still many areas that remain grey or simply unknown.

In short, despite added wisdom we are still sailing in uncharted waters.

From that vantage point the lead story in today’s Ta Nea is indicative.

In Sweden schools remained open throughout the pandemic.

The Swedish experiment failed, however, in the sense that it did not provide answers regarding the critical issue of transmissibility in children.

Is the viral load in children heavy or not? No one can say with certainty and so the waters are even more uncharted here that in other aspects of the behaviour of the virus.

The government some days ago decided to re-open primary schools.

Whether the decision was correct will be judged by the results.

Until then nothing should be left to chance. Constant monitoring is necessary in order to chart to the degree possible the role of children in transmitting the virus to the community.

That should be the role of the state and experts in this phase given the prevalent projection that after the summer respite we shall be confronted with a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

It behoves us to have become wiser by then.

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