In democratic regimes elections are the solution to political impasses.

That does not mean, however, that the judgment of the people is always “wise”. The result of an election may lead to new impasses that transcend the realm of politics.

One need not have been a soothsayer to predict that Britain would soon be confronted with a number of impasses.

At an exceptionally critical moment for their country, British citizens entrusted their fate to a politician who views politics more as a personal game and not as exercising power for the public interest.

Boris Johnson as a strong prime minister with an absolute parliamentary majority will continue to see the tree of Brexit and not see the forest: the centrifugal forces that will arise due to the country’s exit from the European Union in a manner does not take into account the concerns of many citizens – from the Scottish to many remain supporters in metropolitan London.

In brief, the problem is the pursuit of Brexit for for the sake of Brexit and its repercussions on the rest of Europe.

The aftermath and ripples from the British impasses will reach continental Europe, yet they should not trigger new European impasses.

The UK may come out of this adventure badly bruised, but a united Europe should emerge stronger.




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