Politics is a dynamic process in which flexibility instead of a monolithic approach is not only permissible but necessary. That is because politics is not only the art of the feasible but also of adjustment to real conditions.

That is one thing but shifting from one position to another with the frequency and speed of a pendulum and exhibiting a systematic lack of consequence that degrades one in the eyes of citizens is quite another.

This lack of consequence was exhibited by Mr. Tsipras, the politician who sang the praises of the US President as no other leader had before, participated in the march on the US Embassy marking the anniversary of the 1973 Athens Polytechnic student uprising.

That raises a questionIf Mr. Trump does all that he does for the good, as Mr. Tsipras said as PM, then whom was the main opposition leader protesting against? Was it not during his term in office that the US Ambassador declared that US-Greece relations had never been better?

It would not be so problematic if Mr. Tsipras’ stance undermined only his own credibility. However, it undermines the credibility of politics in general.

The leader of SYRIZA is exposing the political system with his Ovidian Metamorphoses and his constant seesawing from one position to another.




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