What is certain is that this situation cannot carry on for a protracted period  

The Turkish invasion of Syria is evolving as one might have expected in a region in which the situation was already difficult if not tragic.

Now the situation is spinning out of control with at least 130,000 people abandoning their homes due to “mercenaries” of the Turkish armed forces who are engaging in cold-blooded executions and with the so-called teenage recruited “brides of ISIS”, many European, who sought a purpose in life through the Islamist organisation grabbing the opportunity to escape.

The invasion of Turkish forces reminds one that no military operation however well-planned can be surgical.

That also applies to the US military which was supposed to conduct bloodless operations in countries of the Middle East, and this is all the more true for the Turkish military which is not known for its sensitivity but rather is known for its penchant for raw violence.

The question is who and how can put this chaotic situation under control.

What is certain is that it cannot carry on for a protracted period.

Those who are directly and indirectly involved, primarily the White House, must assume their responsibilities to reverse the situation and to stem a new bloodletting.

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