The new penal code which was hastily passed into law by the previous government just before the elections may be good overall but it has also triggered serious problems.

One of these is the release of prisoners who have committed very weighty crimes and the other is the clash wit the OECD over turning active bribery into a misdemeanour.

To solve these problems ahead of the new judicial year next month, the government plans in the immediate future to make five interventions that will make the penal code stricter.

The terms of release of prisoners with long sentences will become stricter.

Bribery will again be a will be manufacturing eplosive devices.

There will be automatic prosecution of those who cause physical harm – that will protect notaries conducting property foreclosure auctions.

These measures also aim to restore citizens’ trust in institutions and in the judiciary above all.

The battle against corruption is a top aim of the government as it stated in presenting its programme in Parliament.

At the same time citizens must feel secure.

The early prison release of terrorists, prisoners serving multiple life terms, and those who have stolen huge amounts is not acceptable.

The judiciary, the economy, the constitutional revision, and the electoral law all presage a politically hot autumn.

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