“Today’s revelation by a newspaper of a law tabled by New Democracy MPs, which “froze” fines and the tearing down of illegal structures, confirmed that ND is nothing more than the party of arbitrary action,” SYRIZA said in a statement.

“The said law, which was tabled a few days before the January, 2015 elections [when SYRIZA came to power], was signed by ND’s Attica MPs Yorgos Vlahos and Thanasis Bouras, along with then independent MP Vasilis Economou, known for his kicks [he had said Tsipras and Attica Prefect Rena Dourou should be kicked around and hit the road],who is now an MP in Mr. Mitsotakis’ party,” SYRIZA said, citing a report in the daily Efimerida Ton Syntakton.

According to SYRIZA, the three MPs with their bill requested the suspension of the “confirmation, execution and collection of fines and of previously issued administrative acts, based on law 998/1979, regarding the protection of forest ecosystems, pending the ratification of forest maps”.

“Mr. Bouras is the MP who two years earlier had tabled a parliamentary question requesting the exclusion of Mati from forest maps,” SYRIZA noted.

“All of the above highlight the fact that the party of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has a diachronic relationship with building clientele networks and with the construction of illegal buildings. Simultaneously, it annuls the hypocritical assertions of the current ND leadership that Kyriakos Mitsotakis demanded the tearing down of buildings already in 2007,” the statement concludes.

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