The SYRIZA party came to power, with the collaboration of the Independent Greeks, with a promise that it will abolish the memorandum with a single article of a single law.

We see three years later that not only did the coalition government sign a new memorandum in 2015, which was much harsher than the previous two, but with the update of the programme that was just approved it essentially signed yet another memorandum, with many measures that are hard to bear, but without funding.

This is a true feat. The country lost three years and tens of billions of euros. Hopes were dashed and citizens were burdened with new taxes. People see a government saying one thing to lending institutions, and quite another to the public. The government insists on prettifying a tragic situation.

The country will borrow more expensively and be vulnerable to the moods of the markets. Citizens will live under strict memorandum-type surveillance without the protection of a memorandum – without the cheap borrowing that the adjustment programme offered.

The consequences of that policy and the self-deceptions of the PM and the government are still being paid for by citizens, and they will continue to pay if the government continues with the futile tactic of concealing the truth. Such feats are the only result.

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