Football in the era of cleansing seems to provoke various cognitive problems for sports officials. It also provokes blindness, deafness, and an unprecedented inability to see the obvious: the shameful incidents that the whole planet has been talking and writing about since last Saturday night.

Greece was again exposed internationally, and top foreign media reported on the “won wager” of Hellenic Football Federation chief Vangelis Grammenos.

The historically important Final Cup match between PAOK and AEK was held at the Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens (OAKA). More precisely, the match was between hooligans of both sides, because the real derby was not the one that included football and other such banal things.


The real derby began in the streets of Athens as of Thursday, continued in the streets and neighbourhoods around OAKA, and reached a peak inside the Olympic Stadium, where the armies tried to prove who has the greater…manliness.

Thus, in the dream Final Cup of Vangelis Grammenos, the Cup of cleansing and of the government, we witnessed scenes of raw violence, with fans posing full-face on the railings with wire cutters, with dozens of direct trajectory flares (like the ones we learned about from former athletics minister Stavros Kontonis, who has disappeared these days) thrown in the pitch, with smoke bombs, with rocks, with screws, with knives, and generally with all manner of military equipment that was useful to the “amazing” armies of the competing camps.

Yet, all of these impressive and spectacular snapshots have not been released by the competent officials. They were seen all over the planet, but only in Greece are officials playing hide-and-seek with the truth.

The Hellenic Football Federation president is offering lessons in how to fool us and turn a blind eye, and the Deputy Minister for Athletics is being indifferent to the disgraces that occurred in the Olympic Stadium.

All competent officials continue to play the fool and to provoke athletics fans, who saw once again the well-known “unknown individuals” creating mayhem.

The videos that circulated on the internet irrevocably expose all those who are attempting to cover-up or hide reality. The images and scenes are overwhelming, and they confirm the extreme force of the clashes.

It is video shot right on the site of the incidents, and not from a distance, just in case you cannot discern who is beating each other up.

Gentlemen of the Hellenic Football Federation and of the Government, and Deputy Athletics Minister Vasiliadis, see the videos that we are presenting below, and if you still have any doubts about the “celebration of football at OAKA”, have a check-up.