The 12-member Permanent Holy Synod of the Church has reiterated its staunch opposition to same-sex foster parenting, just one day after a bill legalising it was passed into law by parliament.

In a statement issued today, the Holy Synod stated:

“After parliament yesterday passed the labour ministry bill that allows the fostering of children by same-sex couples, the Permanent Holy Synod again states its strong opposition to the choice of the State to deprive certain children of the right to grow up in a normal family environment, with father and mother role models.”

“It is not by chance that until today the Greek people continue to trust the family as one of its basic values. Unfortunately, ‘political correctness’ prevailed once again, against the natural order and the interests of children.”

The Synod said that it has every right to speak out on such issues, because the Church is the most massive institution of the Greek people.

“The Church of Greece reminds everyone that it is the most massive institution of the Greek people, and consequently it has the right to speak out publicly, as does every other social institution, without seeking to impose its views on the State.”

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