Greece has been battered by the brain drain but this invaluable human capital has not been lost forever

Greece has lost tremendous human capital during the economic crisis.

Young people with exceptional academic credentials from Greek universities were forced to pursue their aspirations abroad or to exploit opportunities that were offered to them because their credentials were recognised.

Greece has been battered by the brain drain.

This invaluable human capital has not been lost forever.

Many Greek university graduates will return to their country if they are offered similar or somewhat smaller opportunities related to their academic fields.

However, as the head of OECD has noted in an exclusive interview with Ta Nea, for the brain drain to be reversed what is needed is an economic environment of growth and stability.

Without growth one cannot establish stability and without stability there can be no sustainable growth.

This stability in order to produce positive results requires stability in the political and business environment.

The job market becomes exceptionally vulnerable and even dysfunctional in periods of political instability.

That is why there must be consensus between political parties on the major issues that the country faces.

The divisive climate does not affect only those who live in Greece. It prevents those who emigrated from returning.

With the time bomb of Greece’s demographic problem, that return is a vital issue.

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