The management of ministries’ black funds, legal secret funds used to finance confidential objectives, is evolving into a key issue for the government, after the mutual allegations between Defence Minister Nikos Kotzias and ex-foreign minister Nikos Kotzias at the 16 October cabinet meeting.

That incident triggered a strong reaction from the main opposition party, conservative New Democracy.

“What has come to light in regard to the management of the state’s black funds is a major political issue,” New Democracy said in a statement.

“Mr. Kammenos, who accused Mr. Kotzias of non-transparent procedures in disbursing the secret funds of the foreign ministry, must immediately make public whatever evidence he may have. Similarly, it was no coincidence that Mr. Kotzias requested a review of the funds managed by Mr. Kammenos as defence minister.”

New Democracy maintains that the management of state black funds is a matter concerning not only balances within the government and the leaders of the ruling coalition parties, who are blackmailing each other, but all of Greek society.

“The government and Mr. Tsipras personally, are obliged to provide citizens with clear-cut answers,” the opposition party declared.

Previously, Parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis had said that based on a related law passed by the government in June, 2017, data on black funds over 25,00 euros are transmitted to parliament, and the Parliament’s speaker and vice-presidents (one for each parliamentary party) are briefed, and by extension party leaders.

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