Greece’s relations with Russia have reached an exceptionally bad level, and no one can preclude a further worsening of ties.

Given the fact that nobody for any reason can want such a development, not only with Russia but with any country, it is clear that at some point the situation spun out of the control of the competent official and those in charge.

It is equally clear that the final responsibility lies not with Greek diplomats or the foreign minister, but rather with the prime minister himself.

The minister’s possible responsibility naturally cannot be overlooked, but those responsibilities do not negate the PM’s responsibility. That is how governments in democratic countries operate, and that is what integrity mandates.

It is important to underline these observations, because in the catastrophic first half of 2015, the entire responsibility for the disaster was attributed to the then finance minister.

The entire responsibility for the 100-150bn euro cost was attributed to the minister, as if the prime minister were not involved in decision-making and the final political choices.

If a prime minister is not aware of what his ministers are doing, he is dangerous.

If he hides behind his ministers to shake off his responsibility, he is unfit for office.

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