Despite the general belief that 5G will improve the digital experience and Internet speeds, many have reservations

A key challenge facing telecommunications companies in adopting 5G technology by consumers is security and privacy.

Greeks show the highest level of caution in a total of 18 countries towards the upcoming 5G network technology, according to the continuous recent research of Focus Bari | YouGov.

More than half of Greeks (53%) are concerned about 5G in terms of security, privacy and health. A similar level of caution is recorded for India. It is followed by the United Arab Emirates, China and Mexico.

In contrast, the countries with the lowest levels of concern and reservation about new technology are Denmark and the United Kingdom.

It is worth noting that despite the concerns, the public recognizes the benefits of 5G networks, and therefore, as reported by Focus Bari pollsters, the telecommunications companies are advised to properly inform and educate the public in order to more smoothly accept the new technology and its benefits.

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