H Yasmine Bleeth, ωστόσο, δεν εξαργύρωσε ποτέ την τεράστια επιτυχία που έκανε με το κόκκινο μαγιό της ως Καρολάιν, καθηλώνοντας κάθε μεσημέρι εκατομμύρια τηλεθεατές στις τηλεοράσεις τους.

Για 17 χρόνια (!) η Bleeth εξαφανίστηκε καθώς στην ζωή της μπήκαν οι ουσίες, το αλκοόλ με αποκορύφωμα την απόλυσή της για χρήση κοκαΐνης στο πλατό του Baywatch.

Σήμερα, στα 51 της η Bleeth όχι απλά δεν θυμίζει σε τίποτα την καλλονή που είδαμε στο Baywatch, αλλά ούτε καν την… Yasmine Bleeth!

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Makes me sad to see this… I LONG admired #yasminebleeth she’s just a few years older than me- I dreamed to look like her in my youth. A #naturalbeauty by every form ❤️ This is the SERIOUS problem with society today. I don’t know Yasmine from Adam. But, as a fan I read she kicked her drug habit. Certain drugs, aid in keeping you skinny!!! But, the natural aging process for women causes our metabolism to slow down. Thereby, eating less and extra hours of workouts doesn’t equal weight lose. It just becomes hardy to maintain weight and stay in shape. As a result, many of us sisters fall off and throw in the towel. As you mature as a women, the work gets harder!!!! I’m not here to judge, I’m her to understand and, be compassionate towards the struggle. All are beautiful and so is Yasmine even in these photos. We’re all unique and special in our own way. HOW IN THE WORLD DO U FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF @dailymail.co.uk posting an image and making a mockery of this #beautifulwomen who’s faced adversity and just wants to live???? Inside every women, exists the excitement of feeling good- whatever that means to you. Don’t crush us?!?? Lift us up? #loveus #showlove #showcompassion #bekind #loveanduplift 💪🏻 #wereownonourownjourney #spreadlove #nothate #socialmediaforsocialgood #inpursuitofjoy #alphalady 💃🏻 #joininthejourney DM Yasmine and show her love- beauty is from within that radiates on the exterior when we feel good ❤️ #selflove #bekindtoyourself #loveyourself #Takingthosewhoinspire #fortyplus #level44 #lifesmeanttoenjoy #findyourjoy #inpursuitofjoy The sun shines everyday- sometimes, it’s just behind the clouds 💪🏻

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