Amidst a continual escalation of Turkish hostile acts in the Aegean and Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone, Greece is acquiring two French Fremm frigates, through and inter-state leasing agreement.

The Greek Navy thereafter will acquire the new generation , medium-sized Belh@rra frigate.

The Bekh@rra is described by manufacturer DCNS as a “compact frigate, capable of ensuring long-range missions, operating alone or embedded in a naval force, on the high seas or as part of coastal surveillance missions in a dense and hostile environment.”

The move confirms that Athens is looking to France and President Emmnauel Macron personally in order to forge a strategic cooperation, in the framework of the common European defence that Macron is pursuing.

The frigates, which are equipped with stealth technology and heavy weapons systems signal a change in perspective on the part of the Greek Navy.

The said frigate do not only have anti-aircraft defence systems, as the Greek Navy’s fleet already does, but can ensure anti-aircraft protection of a region and create the presupposition for dominance in the open seas. It also has advanced anti-submarine capabilities.