“Our lives changed in a matter of minutes. We tried to keep our composure. We give ourselves courage, and my wife and I remain clear-minded,” says the father of Dimitris Kouklatzis, Nikos, 47 days after Dimitris and Aggelos Mitretodis were captured at the Greek-Turkish border in Thrace.

In an interview with the daily To Ethnos, Kouklatzis’ father underlines that there have been no charges filed in a month-and-a-half. “We live with this every day. No one can assure us when this nightmare will end,” Kouklatzis’ father said, noting that both officers are in good psychological condition.

Nikos Kouklatzis said that the two officers are being treated well in prison and that they pass the time reading literature.

“Dimitris doesn’t give up. He understands this may drag out and he is ready to exhibit patience as long as needed for this captivity to end,” he said.