Unemployment in Greece remains at an extremely high level, despite the government’s boasts about minor decreases.

Moreover, the nightmare of unemployment is hitting hardest at women.

The OEAD unemployment bureau’s data is revealing, as 1,055,084  people in Greece are unemployed (both those seeking and not seeking employment), compared to 1,081,060 unemployed in February.

The total number of registered unemployed seeking employment in March, 2018, were 885,776 people. Of these, 499,366 (56.38 percent) are registered with OAED for 12 months or more, and 386,400 have been registered for under one year.

Of the aggregate number of unemployed, 37.58 percent (332,866) are men, and 62.42 percent (552,900) are women.

In March, 2018, those unemployed not seeking employment were 169,318 people. Of these, 25.70 percent (943,519 people) have been registered with OAED for a year or more, and 74.30 percent (125,799 people), have been registered with OAED for a year or less.