Thessaloniki lower court prosecutor Lambros Tsongas has ordered an urgent investigation of the 19 May attack on Thessaloniki Mayor Yannis Boutaris.

According to the written request submitted to criminal prosecutor Ekaterini Matsi, the probe is to be conducted by the State Security Directorate of Thessaloniki. It will examine the criminal culpability of those who carried out the physical attack, as well as of those who may have organised it.

Aside from the charge of assault and battery, the probe will look into whether there was incitement to commit crimes, violence and divisiveness (Article 184 of the criminal code), and whether there was provocation and offering to commit a crime (Article186 of the Criminal Code).

Tsongas ordered that all technological means be used to identify the culprits that have yet to be identified.
A preliminary criminal investigation will be carried out and the file will then be sent to the Thessaloniki Lower Court Prosecutors’ Office.

Four of those arrested within the first 48 hours after the crimes – the period in which immediate prosecution and trial can be ordered – were brought before the emergency one-judge Misdemeanors Court of Thessaloniki, to be put on trial.

One of the four is a minor. It was decided he will be tried by a juvenile court, and he was set free pending trial.

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