Movement for Change leader Fofi Gennimata’s new health problems have shocked and emotionally moved all of Greece, and that is reflected in an unprecedented deluge of support and well wishes.

Her exceptionally dignified stance in announcing a new relapse in her condition – she has in the past spoken of her battle with breast cancer – and in immediately announcing her political decision to withdraw from the leadership race in the party of which she is president offers many lessons.

She is a bright example of a politician who fearlessly and boldly is confronting her new challenge. Let us not forget that a countless number of our fellow citizens are waging a similar battle and so it is of great importance that she made public her condition with optimism and positive thinking about the outcome of her battle. It is an emotionally touching example for them.

Regardless of political choices or ideologies, the country is in spirit standing beside Ms Gennimata. She has proven in her life – in which she fought hard for everything – that she has been imbued with the essence of the saying, “The only battle lost is the one that was not fought.”

She has proven that she tirelessly struggles for her ideas and her life, with her mind on collective goals with that old-fashioned humility that is so rare but always adorns the political stage.

Our newspaper, which has always been linked with democratic politics and the progressive centre of the political spectrum, but also with an array of views, sends its heartfelt wishes to the party leader for an immediate recovery and return to her duties.

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