Those in the know had indications from the start that something is awry in the “kingdom” of Syriza rule.

Already by January, 2015, from the first days of the Tsipras administration there were references to and information about the operation of para-governmental mechanisms and schemes that were showing contempt for democratic rules and institutions.

Α libertine atmosphere of arbitrariness arising from the false conception of some that power can be exercised simply as one sees fit, without offering an accounting or being audited, was predominant in those days of the fever of the victory of the “first-time left-wing” government.

Some of them did not even care to keep up appearances. They treated the state as booty and ran around proclaiming their ability to make arrangements and settle affairs.

That climate had covered all areas of governance in the first half of 2015 and it took some negative press reports for the government to set up some defences.

The arbitrary and adjacent para-governmental authority networks were kept over time and left their mark on the Tsipras administration.

After the revelations of the last few days there is no doubt that over the last years there were in operation at least four vehicles that acted systematically and in an organised fashion to serve illegal objectives and aims.

An absolutely illegal and thoroughly criminal grouping was set up in the ranks of Greek Police. A mass of corrupt policemen with particular partisan affiliations and cover over time built an extensive conspiratorial network of blackmail, protection, and the manufacturing of guilty persons with the obvious aim of annihilating political opponents.

As the court records show, this particular grouping managed to collect 1 million euros a month from blackmail, protection of brothels, massage parlors, illegal casinos, and other illegal activities.

It managed to maintain ties with politician. It was backed by shady lawyers with “an in” in the judiciary.

Over time it became completely out of control and went as far as to propose that it manage ESPA EU funding (National Strategic Reference Framework).

There were similar tactics in political networks set up in the sensitive sectors of defence, the judiciary, and even the top of the executive branch as is evidenced in the multifarious activities of erstwhile strong and close collaborators of the former PM – the ministers of State and

Defence and the alternate justice minister.

These gangs and networks undoubtedly acted in an extra-institutional manner, set up cases and blackmail, manufactured guilty persons, and sought to place liens and to take people hostage – to neutralise people they wanted as potential competitors for power.

As they naively confessed they wanted at all costs to control the levers of power forever and to collect enough money to serve their aim of remaining in power.

Political figures, businessmen, bankers, media owners, and others were for that reason targeted by para-state networks and mechanisms. They confronted unprecedented and entirely unfounded charges, were unabashedly and unreservedly dragged into court, and were dragged through the mud in society.

There is no way out of this for the former PM.

Mr. Tsipras has a duty to assist to the greatest degree possible to the full exposure of these para-state structures and at the very least assume the political responsibility.

It is imperative that the former prime minister shed light on the dark side of our democracy -if for no other reason to chastise and condemn such acts so that no one will dare in the future to resort to such deeply undemocratic methods and practices.

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