A «casino gate» shakes the government after the revelations by «Parapolitika» newspaper that Defence Minister Panos Kammenos was visited a casino during his official trip in London gabling thousands pounds on roulette.

The revelations provoked fury over tha parties of opposition witch asked explanations by Defence Minister an Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

«Is Mr. Kammenos aware of what he is doing? We look forward to his apology on Monday. How long will Mr. Tsipras be a spectator of his ministers provoking with their behaviour while the Greek society suffers? Will he continue to cover up for them, being too weak to do what is obvious?» said the spokesman of main opposition party Nea Dimokratia (ND) on a radio interview.

The ND’s vice president Adonis Georgiadis commented that according the code of conduct of the Ministers the presence of the Minister of Defence at a casino is a criminal offence.

Another opposition party, PASOK, is due to ask explanations by Panos Kammenos tomorrow to the Parliament. «Kammenos is gambling the fortunes of the people» PASOK’s spokesman Pavlos Christidis said in his statement adding that everything will be discussed in Parliament where Mr Kammenos will be asked to give explanations, as he will have to stop hiding at some point.