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Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Safety Award to Capital Ship Management Corp.

Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Safety Award to Capital Ship Management Corp.

Capital Ship Management, founded by Evangelos Marinakis, was awarded the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Safety Award for the successful rescue operation of 152 migrants by the “Aristofanis” tanker and for its commitment to the highest safety standards in the industry.

The Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Safety Award was conferred to Capital Ship Management, both for its successful rescue operation, last September, during which 152 human lives were saved by its managed tanker vessel “Aristofanis”, and for its overall commitment to high technical and operational safety standards in relation to its vessels and personnel onboard and onshore.

Presenting Capital’s award, on Friday, December 3, the hosts of the prestigious Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards, Nigel Lowry and Andriana Paraskevopoulou, stressed that Capital Ship Management, over the past five years, has rescued more than 500 people displaying overall an excellent security track record while its HSSE protocol is an integral part of its business model.

Receiving the award, Mr. Gerasimos Kalogiratos, CEO of Capital Product Partners, stated: “I would like to thank Lloyds List, the panel of judges and the sponsor of the award for this great honor. The award belongs first and foremost to the crew of the M/T Aristofanis and Capt. Daniel Dumitru, who brought this search and rescue effort to a successful conclusion under very challenging circumstances and saved more than 150 lives.

The prioritization of human life and safety, be it onshore or offshore, is at the top of our systems and culture at Capital Ship Management and this had led Capital managed vessels assisting at every opportunity in such rescue missions without second thoughts or economic considerations. This has resulted in the rescuing of more than 500 immigrants in three major sea rescues over the last 5 years. It is these achievements that make us most proud of our people, as it is our humanity that binds us all”.

Capital Ship Management Corp. Safety Record

Capital Ship Management is committed to continuous efforts to identify and eliminate or manage safety risks associated with company’s activities prioritizing human safety at all levels, maintaining high environmental standards. It is the company’s goal to conduct business in a manner that protects the safety of employees and all persons involved in its operation, its customers and the public and to prevent all incidents.

Capital is constantly monitoring company’s safety performance through specific Key Performance indicators and is committed to continual improvement. Capital Ship Management has a strong commitment to ensure the health and safety of the people and the protection of the marine environment through a risk-based approach associated with company’s activities.

Capital complies with the national and international laws, rules, regulations and industry standards and applies policies to ensure the health and safety of all people associated with its operations. Health and safety is considered as an integral part of its operations. An established Health and Safety, Environment, and Energy Efficiency (HSEE) System, with specific policies, procedures and controls is in place. Company’s HSEE System, is considered fundamental to its long-term success and therefore an integral part of Company’s business plans. It is continuously reviewed and monitored as far as it concerns the effectiveness of the established procedures and guidelines, as well as the continuity of the policies suitability.

Capital Ship Management provides to all employees clear, comprehensive and relevant information about the HSEE System, adequate training and required resources. Employees are also encouraged to propose initiatives or submit their complaints.

Capital Ship Management commitment to safety, reflects also from the retention rate of its people on board and ashore. Retention rates for 2020 were 98% for on board staff and 95% for ashore respectively.
Health and Safety performance in 2020 was demonstrated by zero fatalities, zero pollution incidents, zero oil spill and ballast water contamination. External inspections PSC/Flag, Class – Safety performance for 2021 (year to day). Specifically, during 2020, Zero detentions, 0.2 deficiencies/ inspection/ year and almost 90% of inspections completed without deficiencies.

It is Capital’s commitment to renew its fleet with brand new eco vessels that are compliant with existing safety regulations and anticipating additional regulations with regard to greenhouse gas emissions along with IMO’s Goals and safety standards in the future.

Capital Ship Management has a on order a vast number of newbuilds with first class Korean yards. All newbuilds feature a long list of optional Class notations enhancing safety with increased fatigue life, sophisticated ergonomics, enhanced firefighting, smart ships solutions and intelligent navigation systems.

Capital Ship Management participated in the ABS ‘Smart Bearing’ research project, aiming to increase the safety of shaft alignment sensitive vessels, in cooperation with NTUA (National Technical University Athens) and Metrisis Ltd.

Capital has displayed a consistent track record of the highest regard for human life both onboard, onshore and at sea. Specifically, in the context of saving lives at sea, the Capital managed vessels have been involved in three major sea rescue operations saving a total of 535 lives since 2014.

Most recently, on September 2021 the vessel M/T ARISTOFANIS was involved in a major search and rescue operation in the eastern Mediterranean. This incident occurred late on Thursday, 23 September when the vessel was on route to Sidikeri, Egypt.

The ship master reported seeing a small boat (approx. 15 meters in length) adrift with many people on board. The Master immediately alerted MRCC Piraeus and the crew assisted in the rescue of 152 people. Capital Ship Management stated in relation to the M/T Aristofanis rescue operation: “This is an extraordinary event for the crew of any commercial vessel. Assisting in saving lives at sea is what any captain and crew would do, and Capital Ship Management is proud of their collective effort. As a company, we especially thank the Master, Capt. Dumitru Daniel and the crew of M/T Aristofanis for their professionalism and for doing their very best in challenging circumstances to safely bring this rescue operation to a conclusion”. All the people that were rescued from the small boat were taken to Crete, where all disembarked to be received by the Greek authorities.

On June 2015 Capital managed vessel M/T Agisilaos rescued 220 migrants in distress on board a small boat in the Mediterranean, east of Malta.

On June 2014 Capital managed vessel M/T Arionas rescued 163 migrants in distress on board two inflatable boats in the Mediterranean, south of Malta.

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