The data announced by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue – The deadlines

Just about two weeks before the deadline expires, around the 92% of taxpayers have already submitted their tax returns.

More specifically, 5.9 million of taxpayers have already submitted their returns and, based on last year’s figures, approximately 528 thousand returns remain to be submitted in the forthcoming days. This means that every day, from today onwards, approximately 35,000 returns per day will have to be submitted, in order to reach the target, something that is estimated to be entirely achievable.

Based on data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR), 65 per cent of those who have filed tax returns, or 13 out of 20 taxpayers, will not pay any additional tax.

According to the data from the IAPR so far, 5,857,523 E1 tax returns have been submitted, while last year 6,386,268 returns were submitted by the deadline of September 16.

It should be noted that up to Friday, 8,567,614 taxpayers had confirmed the data to the IAPR. The difference arises from the fact of joint filing of returns by spouses or those who have entered into a civil partnership.

The deadlines

Citizens have until 30 August to submit their tax returns.

Despite the fact that this year the electronic platform for filing personal income tax returns started operating from March 30, 2022, this extension was deemed necessary, according to the Greek Ministry of Finance, in order to facilitate taxpayers, accountants and tax advisors.

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