The battle she lost was that with disease and death, the disease she fought since she was 44-years-old, with bravery, pride, and courage, giving strength to our fellow human beings who also face severe trials until the last moment.

What a great thing it is to be fighting for your life even as you battle for the common good!

Fofi Gennimata yesterday passed into history. Her political legacy will be the respect for institutions in her speech, her faith in democracy and parliamentarism, her unswerving principles, her red lines, and her dedication to Social Democracy.

Along with all that, one will remember her example, the example of a brave woman who was never beaten down by the fear of death, who devoted herself to politics without losing her humanity, with a pure smile.

She adorned the political terrain in an era of political fluidity that was difficult for our country. In a period of dwindling respect for politicians and in which institutions were rocked, she remained a constant.

It is by no means coincidental that Greeks were shocked. Irrespective of political positions, Gennimata, aside from being president of the Movement for Change, was the people’s Fofi.

Along with all political stripes, and the Greek people who are saying goodbye with bitterness and devastation, Ta Nea, the newspaper that is historically linked with democratic progressive forces, pays homage to Fofi Gennimata. Farewell, Madam President!

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