Pavlos Kountouriotis, the liberator of Easter Aegean and first President of the Democracy ion Greece, talks in 1916 to the newspapes «Sfera» about the importance of shipment.

Since the first great geopolitical conflict of the world history, the Persian Wars and the «Wooden Wall», that saved Greece, the West and their civilization, built by General Themistoklis to nowadays, sea plays a leading part on the struggles of the greek nation and it defines the outcome of the peaceful struggles about progress and development, such as the martial ones, for Freedom. 106 year ago, during the Balkan Wars, the future of Greece was by far determined on the sea, under the commands of  Admiral Kountouriotis and the use of the legendary battleship «Averof».

The victorious Balkan Wars were the most significant chapter to the history of the free, united and powerful State of Greece, at the same time that, simultaneously with the State of Greece, begins the conformation oh institutional shipment that had so many offered to the national war for Independence.  That was the time when the hopes and desires of  whole generations became true. The time wan everything started again.


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