In 1939 began the severest conflict in history. By 1940, the war hit Greece as well. The country resisted by all means achieving the first victories of the free world.

But, a few months later Greece, such as the rest of Europe, had been defeated. Only a few used to believe back then that there still was hope. Five  years later, they came to be right; a new era raised among ruins.

Greek shipment, like Greece itself, were both gathering power, starting to construct the country from the beginning. The reconstruction of greek shipment during the years after WWII is simultaneous and undivided from Greece itself.

Although decisive, those years’ significance is still widely unknown generally and specifically about the greek shipment, its most important development found on the next pages.

G. P. M.

Post-war reconstruction (1946-1952)

Revival of the greek registry (1953-1960)