The duration of the lease is set at 40 years – The goal is to connect the building with the adjacent Byzantine Museum

Yesterday afternoon at the Offices of HPPC SA, the Contract for the concession of Xenia Kastoria to the Ministry of Culture and Sports was signed by the Managing Director of the Hellenic Public Properties Company, Stefanos D. Vlastos and the Minister Lina Mendoni.

With the concession contract of Xenia Kastoria, the local community of Kastoria and Western Macedonia is given an emblematic building, a reference point of the 60’s for the city, but also for the wider area. In this way, a historic property of the portfolio of Hellenic Public Properties Company is utilized and highlighted, an example of important architecture, while a long-standing request of the Municipality of Kastoria for its utilization is satisfied.

The concession marks the restoration of Xenia Kastoria, after the elaboration of the relevant studies, and its connection with the adjacent Byzantine Museum. The duration of the lease is set at forty (40) years from the signing of the contract, while the margin for implementation of the purpose of the contract is five (5) years.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Lina Mendoni stated:

“Today’s signing of the contract for the concession of Xenia Kastoria to the Ministry of Culture and Sports by the Public Properties Company is particularly important, both for the protection of the cultural reserve of the city of Kastoria and Western Macedonia, and for the development of their museum infrastructure. .

From October 2020, when we visited Kastoria together with the competent officials of the Ministry of Culture, we saw the need to develop the Byzantine Museum of the city, which has unique exhibits. We looked for the best way to expand the Museum for the development of the permanent exhibition. The adjacent Xenia of Kastoria, a building emblematic for the city, which bears the architectural signature of Charalambos Sfaelos, is characterized as a monument, due to its special architectural, social and historical significance.

Its restoration, with the parallel re-exhibition of the collection of the Byzantine Museum, will function as an attractive cultural pole and development resource for the city of Kastoria. I would like to thank ETAD and the Managing Director Stefanos Vlastos, for the stable and fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, always guided by the promotion of culture, development and the public interest “.

The CEO of HPPC SA Stefanos D. Vlastos pointed out in this regard:

“I would like to express my satisfaction as HPPC in good cooperation with the Ministry of Culture is contributing in the most optimal way to the development of Xenia Kastoria, a property of special architectural value, satisfying a long standing request of the local authorities and the local community. In this way we are providing a solution and highlighting an emblematic piece of property, the use of which remained stagnant for decades.

The transformation of Xenia into a Museum space, through the expansion of the adjacent Byzantine Museum, will contribute substantially to the further development of the cultural and religious tourism of Kastoria, but also of the wider area.

As a Public Properties Company we are interested in listening, exploring and being next to the local communities, in order to solve problems and provide solutions, where possible, always with a view to the optimal use of public real estate.

I would like to personally thank the Minister of Culture, Ms. Lina Mendoni, for her contribution to this effort, so that we can create another locus of culture through the effective utilization of real estate that brings multiple benefits to the country and local communities. ”

The agreement demonstrates the positive will of the Company and its constant pursuit for the optimal utilization of public property in cooperation with all institutional bodies, at local and national level, when this is deemed feasible and beneficial for both parties.

Built in 1953

Xenia Kastoria is located in Dexameni (or Koule) of the Municipality of Kastoria, a very privileged location with excellent panoramic views of the lake. It occupies a plot of land with a total area of ​​1,961 sq.m. along with building installations with an area of 1,665.60 sq.m.

“XENIA A ‘” or “Xenia tis Limnis”, as it is called by the local community, was a hotel with a capacity of 25 rooms and 49 beds, which was built in 1953 using designs by the architects Charalambos Sfaellos and Marika Zagorisiou, and is a example of special architecture and aesthetics, while representing the first period of construction of EOT buildings.

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