The Fire Brigade is facing multiple fronts in Chalkida, Argolida and Salamina – Evacuation order and message from 112

The alarm has been sounded by the Fire Brigade for multiple fire fronts, with raging fires in Salamina, Chalkida, and Argolida .

In fact, according to the website, the fire in Argolida is in front of the village of Gatzia and is moving fast. Aircraft and helicopters are constantly dropping water over the village to stop it and prevent it from advancing, while an order has been given for the complete evacuation of the village of Gatzia.

Earlier, elderly people gathered in the square to be picked up by a bus of the Municipality of Epidaurus and transported to a safe place.

Fire near a residential area in Chalkida

Regarding the fire that is burning in Chalkida, the fire is raging in an agroforestry area, in the area of ​​Vathrovouni. The fire is located three kilometers away from a residential area, while smoke has covered the city center.

“In the fire in a forest area in the area of ​​Vathrovouni, Chalkida, 51 firefighters are operating, 1 group of firefighters on foot with 22 vehicles, 2 helicopters and 6 aircraft. Assistance from water-bearing local authorities,” noted the Fire Brigade in a tweet.

The winds blowing in the area are strong.

The fires in Salamina and Zakynthos are in decline

Finally, according to information from the Fire Brigade, the fires that broke out earlier today in Salamina and Zakynthos are in decline.

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