An 87-year-old man was found hanged on his fourth floor balcony today just two months after winning approximately 900,000 euros in a lottery.

The octogenarian decided to commit suicide after a winning lottery ticket in a 20 March draw was stolen by his second wife of 20 years, who also proceeded to initiate eviction procedures against him.

Initial press reports indicated that the man was a former factory owner who had divorced his first wife in order to marry one of his employees.

He fell on hard times after his business was forced to shut down and he became a taxi driver before retiring on a modest pension.

The wife took the winning ticket and disappeared with their daughter.

He had reportedly informed a neighbour who was his friend of his intention to take his own life.

It appears that the coup de grace was when the wife initiated proceedings to evict him from the home in which he lived as he had transferred the title of the apartment to her while he was still prospering in business.