The “Marinakeion Melathron” that will house the new Administrative Center of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus was inaugurated, a donation by Vangelis Marinakis

The “Marinakeion Melathron”, a new gem in the city of Piraeus, opened its doors in the presence of a multitude of clergy, politicians, representatives of the local community, as well as ordinary citizens.

With a modest ceremony befitting acts of substantial social contribution, the Holy Diocese of Piraeus acquired its new Administrative Center, in the heart of the city, which will allow it to cope with the large volume of responsibilities and continue the important social work it carries out, upgrading the services which it offers to flock, the denizens of Piraeus and others it cares for.

The Marinakis family is a constant supporter of this project, with Vangelis Marinakis willingly undertaking to realize the vision of the Metropolis, for a new roof, undertaking the renovation and the entire configuration of the building, an act of social responsibility that he dedicated to the memory of his father , Miltiadis Marinakis, who was a Member of Parliament and Municipal Councilor of Piraeus.

During the inauguration, the unveiling of the bust of Miltiadis Marinakis took place. “His offers to the city were enormous, so he rightfully deserves to be in this building”  noted the director of the Press Office of the Piraeus Diocese, Dimitris Alfieris.

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