Pressures on banks and energy

The Greek stock market is moving in negative territory today, on which shadows have been cast by the pressure that Greece is again receiving on the front of the pandemic.

The general index falls by 0.21% to 913.09 points, while in the first minutes of the session it even reached + 0.90%, in an effort to follow the positive European climate.

Pressures on banks and energy

However, the fall of the banking and energy sector quickly “grounded” the market, leading the general index to negative territory shortly after 10:50. And the supports seem to be weak for the time being to maintain the critical level at 913 points again, although the banking sector maintains its positive technical image as long as it holds 600 points.

However, after the non-upgrading of the Greek economy by Moody’s, the market is increasingly focusing on the course of the pandemic in the country. After all, as the EKPA e-learning Research Department warns, possible increases in pandemic cases remain a major negative risk, and further increases in cases during the winter could hamper the pace of economic recovery. And the market knows this very well…

The image on the board

In terms of securities now, the market can not absorb the more than 1% losses in Jumbo, PPC, Piraeus, IPTO, National Bank, Hellenic Petroleum and Eurobank, no matter Viohalco, Lambda, Alpha Bank, Motor Oil and Aegean try through their positive signs. Besides, the pressures come from the drop of OPAP, Mytilineos, Coca Cola and OTE.

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