The Regional Governor of Central Greece, Fanis Spanos, first of all pointed out the fact that the Acropolis Rally helped to the promotion of the wider area, emphasizing that more than a thousand professionals came to the region because of this event, while the visitors exceeded this number.

He even added that the promotion of Central Greece to millions of viewers is also important. At this point he referred to the fact that “the area is a developing tourist area, with a special nature” while an effort is being made for “continuous promotion and development”.

Regarding the fires in northern Evia, he said that the damage is very great, both in terms of natural environment and in terms of economy. Efforts are now being made to rebuild the area in conjunction with the compensation program and the execution of the necessary flood protection works.

He even noted that there has already been development of all the heavy machinery of the Region in villages and forests for the realization of the forest clearings. He also stressed the economic dimension of the disasters, since 90% of natural resin was produced in Evia. He typically said that a big bet is to support people who depend financially on the forests, like the beekeepers and the resin collectors.

He stressed that there should be strategic support and infrastructure projects for the future, while saying that this is “something really difficult to do”. He added, finally, that the Region is preparing for the upcoming winter tourist season, emphasizing the existence of remarkable ski resorts in the area.

“As a region we tried to have the plan for the next day with the greatest possible consensus, this will be a weapon for us”, concluded the Regional Governor of Central Greece.

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