The amendment concerning the obligation of public and private sector employees to present in their work the vaccination certificate or a certificate that they have become ill during the last six months and the compulsory vaccination for employees in specific occupations has been submitted to the parliament.

In particular, the amendment contains provisions to introduce the obligation of vaccination to all workers and employees in health and care units, centers and structures and regulations for the suspension of work of unvaccinated workers / employees, as well as administrative fines to be imposed on workers. who will be found to be accepting work from unvaccinated workers or employees.

This amendment is expected to be the focus of a political confrontation between the majority and the minority, as there are already announcements of disagreement by opposition parties.

The bill of the Ministry of Justice for the new Organization of the Court of Auditors – to which this amendment was attached – during its elaboration in the competent Committee was voted in Principle by a majority of the deputies of all parties except communist KKE which voted against it.

The sanctions

Compulsory suspension and forced unpaid leave are the measures faced by health workers and employees in nursing homes & care units for the disabled in case they have not been vaccinated, as provided for in the relevant amendment.

Employees in these sectors are required to provide a vaccination certificate or, alternatively, a certificate of understanding of the last six months.

In case the employee refuses to submit the relevant documents, he/she is obliged to take unpaid leave, during which he/she3 will be uninsured, and it will last until the presentation of the relevant certificate.

For the employer who has not requested the relevant documents from his employees, there will be an escalating fine, while for the replacement of the vacancies, it will be possible to hire staff on a temporary basis with fixed-term contracts.

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