Interior Minister Panos Skourletis unleashed withering criticism of the manner in which the mass media have reported on the deadly wildfires in Eastern Attica.

While admitting that everything was not done properly in managing the fires, he trained his fire on the media, charging that they are “executing character assassination contracts” and are waging “unorthodox warfare”.

“These people who are executing contracts are not journalists. We are not in a period of journalistic flowering. What is happening in Greece under SYRIZA is unprecedented,” he said.

“This phenomenon is linked to specific interests that were also active in the past, but now they have crossed all the limits. They are imbuing hatred in Greek society, and want to create new lines of division. This is a warlike logic,” he said, alleging that the media are spouting lies and executing political contracts.

Skourletis blamed the fires on unprecedented weather conditions.

“Never before did we have westerly winds at a velocity of 120km per hour,” he said, noting that chaotic construction led many residents to become entrapped.

“Let us not seek sacrificial lambs. Let us seek the causes and the solutions,” he said, adding that the attribution of responsibilities will be based on evidence.

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