Assets’ seizures for delinquent tax debt reached record levels in April, exceeding one million taxpayers, while overdue tax debt is constantly rising due to more and more Greeks’ inability to meet their responsibilities.

Data from the Independent Public Revenue Authority, shows that assets (bank account deposits, etc.) were seized from 1,117, 530 delinquent taxpayers, out of a total of 1,717,563, for debts of 500 euros or over.

Seizures are conducted for debts of 500 euros or more.

The number of debtors who had assets seized for the first time in April was 7,559.

The number of taxpayers with a debt under 500 euros – approximately 1.7mn, was reduced in April  by 3,127, while the overall number of taxpayers with debts to the state was reduced by 41,965 people  (1,720, 690 in March compared to 1,717,563 in April).

The aggregate debt of the private sector to the state grew by 542mn euros in April, rising from approximately 105.20bn euros in March to 105.74bn euros in April.

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