This text appeared in Naftika Chronika on 1128/997 on June 1, 1982, p. 41

With the impressive participation of 600 exhibitors from 46 countries Posidonia ’82 takes place, which is the biggest, in terms of the number of exhibitors, shipping exhibition in the world.
Having as their main objective to be a direct form of access of the dynamic Greek clientele to the international markets of products and services that merchant marine uses, Posidonia has evolved into one of the top trade exhibitions in the world.

Along with the organization in our country of a major international exhibition with global impact, we see the strengthening in the international shipping opinion of the conviction regarding the importance of our country as an outstanding shipping centre. This is an important element that facilitates the development of Greece and of Piraeus in particular, since it will bring forward their important role in the context of the EEC as the shipping capital of the Community.

In the context of Posidonia, on June 8, at the Atheneum Intercontinental Hotel, there will be a Conference on the problems of Shipping. This is an established forum, where important figures in the international marine transport industry analyze the problems of the sector and make suggestions regarding solving them. There is constructive dialogue after the introductory speeches, in the context of which the representatives of the shipping and banking world propose their own opinions in regard to the discussions on the crucial issues of Shipping. The inaugural speech at the forum, which will be presided by the President of the Union of Greek Shipowners Mr. A. Karagiorgis, will be given by the Minister of Shipping Mr. St. Giotas.

Among the issues that will be dealt with in the presentations are: pollution control and the Greek experience, the protection of the environment and how the Shipping industry is dealing with its (a subject that will be presented by the president of the Environmental Committee of the Union of Greek Shipowners Mr. G. P. Livanos), the finances of Shipping and ship insurance in the United States.

In this year’s Posidonia five foreign ministers will be present, suggesting with their presence the importance attributed by the international shipping community and in particular the traditional maritime countries to this Greek event. According the information received by the respective governments, which will be represented by the invited ministers, the following presences have been confirmed for Posidonia:
The French Minister of Merchant Marine Louis Le Pansec
The British vice-Minister of Trade Ian Sprott.
The Cypriot Minister of Transport and Public Works Christos Maurelis
The Minister of Commerce and Shipping of Sri Lanka Mr Lalith Athoulathmoundali
The Liberian Minister of Shipping Questions Mr. Fred Lininger.

We would like to stress the there will be an impressive participation of British companies at this year’s Posidonia. According to our information the British delegation will comprise of more than 50 companies which will cover a wide range of Shipping services and technological equipment

First time appearances

Moreover, there is going to be a significant participation by ASEA, a major Swedish organization, which in this year’s Posidonia will present two achievements that will appear for the first time in a Shipping Exhibition, the INFRAFONE system for cleaning boilers and the STLECTRONIC 500 control system for food refrigeration installations. INFRAFONE is manufactures by STAV-LAVAL TURBIN AB of Sweden and is represented in Greece by ASEA Marine, 12 Filellinon Street, Piraeus and is exhibited at STAND B205 of the POSIDONIA ’82 exhibition.