The leader of Turkey’s extreme-right Great Union Party (BBP), Mustafa Destici, has declared that the Turkish flag will once again wave over Athens, with the help of God.

Destici, who has said his party will join forces with Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK party in the next elections, was expressing his outrage at the burning of a Turkish flag at a neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party rally.

Destici stresses his outrage at the fascists’ burning of the Turkish flag, and he called on Greek authorities to arrest the culprits.

“What we are telling the Greeks and the Greek government is that they should remember that the glorious, red Turkish flag, with the crescent moon, was waving over their territories not so long ago. With the help of God, that flag that they burned and insulted will wave over Athens once again,” Destici declared.

Destici also said that Athens should first extradite “terrorists” to Turkey, and only then will it have the right to submit requests to Ankara, an apparent reference to the eight Turkish officers who fled to Greece after the abortive coup against Erdogan, in July, 2016, and the two captured Greek army officers.

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