According to experts, a pandemic lasts from 3 to 5 years, and no one can know if a mutation will appear – surprise

Hospital Doctors Union – EINAP president Matina Pagoni advised young people to get a coronavirus test before returning home after their summer vacation.

Speaking to SKAI channel, she explained that young people can undergo the virus with just a two-day fever, however for elderly people with underlying diseases they will return to, things can be different.

She added that the Omicron 5 mutation is highly contagious and may not be fatal, but it is very dangerous for those who have underlying diseases.

“the fact that we are not tracking should not dismay you. It is now the responsibility of each of us to be careful and not to transmit the disease. When you put yourself and your body on such an adventure, you don’t know what might happen later due to long covid. These are 30% of incidents”, she pointed out.

The picture in hospitals

Ms. Pagoni emphasized that there is an 11% reduction in admissions to the hospitals’ simple Covid beds and that the situation is manageable as there are several empty beds in ICUs.

What will happen in the fall and herd immunity

The president of EINAP emphasized that we are no longer talking about herd immunity and noted that experts said that a pandemic lasts from 3 to 5 years, and no one can know if a surprise mutation will appear .

“That’s why we can’t talk of things we don’t know. We will see what will happen in the autumn when we all return, when schools and universities open, in October. Then it will need special attention, and a campaign by the vaccination committee for vaccinations from the end of August onwards”, she noted.

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