The new dark record of daily COVID-19 infections in our country – over 21,000 yesterday – leaves no room for philosophising, irresponsibility, or laxity.

The Omicron variant is here, and in the coming weeks we shall see how much it will pressure the National Health System.

At the same time, it will test our social cohesion, economy, and the effort to return to normalcy.

That, however, does not allow the average citizen to shirk his or her responsibility and behave irresponsibly.

As regards vaccination, we must all hasten to get the third jab, which experts say is necessary, especially with the onslaught of the Omicron variant.

Secondly, personal responsibility – regarding how we perceive solidarity with weaker and more vulnerable groups – is needed.

Especially during the holidays, that indicates how well we have understood the dangers of the new situation and the limits that we must set. It reflects the degree of responsibility of a people that is experiencing pandemic fatigue and that is now obliged to rise to the occasion.

All of that is linked to the responsibility of the state, but personal responsibility is crucial.

Confronted in the coming days with the danger of a merging of the fourth and fifth wave of the pandemic, let us maintain our endurance and make a few additional sacrifices.

It is up to us to exit the pandemic on our feet.

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