The Deputy Minister of Health, Mina Gaga, referred to the great importance of vaccination – once again – citing relevant data.

Comparing vaccination rates based on EODY data, as Ms. Gaga points out, deaths decrease as vaccinations increase. “From 20% to 85% vaccination coverage, 20-fold reduction in deaths,” he says.

In fact, according to her, “if we go to 85%, we will have 5 times less deaths”.

At the moment, Greece has fully vaccinated 59% of its population, while the deaths (in the last 14 days) per one million population amount to 43.

It is noted that the deaths of patients with Covid-19 in our country amounted to 22 in the last 24 hours, while since the beginning of the epidemic a total of 15,069 deaths have been recorded.

Our big shield is vaccination

Speaking at a special event on the coronavirus, Ms. Gaga linked the end of the pandemic to the degree of immunity to covid-19 that will be achieved worldwide, stressing that “we do not have specific antiviral drugs that are good for every patient. “Our big shield is vaccination.”

Referring to RNA vaccines, she noted: “All this misinformation about RNA and how it will affect our genetic material is completely unfounded. On the contrary, the entry of all the genetic material of the virus is something that characterizes the natural infection in viruses: All viruses are translated and multiplied in our cells, they do not have their own system for reproduction, ‘So there is a lot of exposure to natural infection and yet we do not have changes in our cells. RNA technology protects us, it is an impressive achievement of science and let us remember that the first RNA vaccines started 30 years ago. It is a technology that we had, it is not new, and it is very important that we have it “.

Regarding the mixing of the vaccines, the Deputy Minister of Health pointed out that “the booster dose does not have to be done with the same vaccine. “As for tetanus or the flu, where the vaccine made last year or last year is not binding, we do not need to use the same vaccine for Covid-19.”

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