The Presidential Decree approving the Special Urban Plan was published in the Government Gazette

The Special Urban Plan for the area of ​​the former “Pavlos Melas” army camp in Stavroupolis, Thessaloniki, of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas, was approved by Presidential Decree. The relevant Presidential Decree defines the land uses, conditions and building restrictions and approves the Special Urban Plan (EPS) for the reuse, utilization and operation of the area as a metropolitan park of supra-local scale.

More than 90% of the area for green spaces

The intervention area, with an area of ​​34.59 hectares is located at a key point in Northwestern Thessaloniki and is part of the historic army camp “Pavlos Melas” which is closely linked to the recent history of the wider area of ​​Stavroupolis since the early 20th century with the creation of refugee settlements mainly of Pontic Hellenes. Much of the older part of the former camp has been designated a historic site, with notable historic buildings, some of which are designated monuments.

The Special Urban Plan envisages public green spaces of over 90% of the total area while at the same time 26 buildings are maintained in the former camp with permitted uses such as: education, sports and cultural facilities, public gathering places, offices, leisure, commercial venues, small-scale trade fair facilities, catering, professional nuisance workshops, tourist accommodation.

Maximum built up area at 7%

Regarding the building conditions, the maximum coverage rate is set at 7% and the building factor at 0.09, while at the same time protection and control areas are defined in the whole area, which includes the listed historic site and the designated forests. Finally, it allows for the creation of four outdoor parking lots, one underground parking lot and sidewalk-bicycle networks following the existing traffic lanes.

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, in charge of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, Nikos Tagaras, stated: “All of Thessaloniki as a whole will be able to acquire a Metropolitan Park with free green spaces and mild uses of culture, education and recreation that will significantly enhance the daily life and quality of life of residents, will be a pole of attraction for visitors and a landmark of historical memory. This area, around the historic former camp, needs to have such a large reference point and we at the Ministry of Environment and Energy, are taking care of exactly this, for Thessaloniki and for the whole country.”

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, GiorgosAmyras, stated: “An emblematic project of Northern Greece and a personal commitment of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is taking the path of implementation. The people of Thessaloniki will soon be able to enjoy the “Pavlos Melas” Metropolitan Park with modern spaces for walking, sports and leisure”.

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