An alarm has been sounded for the spread of the coronavirus Delta mutation in Crete

An alarm has been sounded for the spread of the Delta mutation in Crete.

For this reason, an extraordinary meeting wass convened at 15:30 on Thursday with the participation of Nikos Hardalias, Sotiris Tsiodras, Akis Skertsos, Theodoros Livanios, the Regional Governor and mayors.

Arkoumaneas: New cases of the Delta mutation in Athens, Crete and Corinth

New cases of the Delta mutation have been identified in Athens, Crete and Corinth, revealed the president of National Health Organization EODY Panagiotis Arkoumaneas, speaking to SKAI 100.3, .

As he said, they have been located apart from Athens, in Corinth, and Crete. The relevant announcements will be made in the afternoon.

“11 cases of the DELTA type variant have already been announced and more are expected to be announced today,” said the president of EODY.

Mr. Arkoumaneas stressed that by the end of August the Delta type mutation will have prevailed in our country.

The alarm was sounded for those of our fellow citizens who have not been vaccinated. “Those who are not vaccinated are in danger”, the president of EODY emphasized, underlining that the specific strain of the Delta mutation is 50-60% more contagious. He clarified, however, that vaccinated citizens are also covered by this mutation.

“In order to withstand the summer, we must be vaccinated,” concluded Mr. Arkoumaneas, urging citizens to continue the vaccination program.

Tzanaki’s concern about the Delta mutation in Crete

A few days ago, Professor of Pulmonology, Nikos Tzanakis, expressed his concern about the transmission of the Corona virus delta mutation to Crete, despite the fact that the overall picture of the pandemic in Crete is good, given that the Regional Units of Heraklion and Chania are going to “green”.

He stressed, among other things, that great care must be taken in the reception of tourists, as, as he mentioned, it is certain that some will bring the Delta strain.

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