Christmas in Darwin is not affected by the wet season, the rain has begun, the lighting in the sky is brilliant and strong

In Australia we have the summer season during the Christmas period.  The Greek parties with the lamb spit, the Greek music and the Greek food is done in

warm to high temperatures.  Christmas in Darwin is not affected by the wet season, the rain has begun, the lighting in the sky is brilliant and strong.  The

Christmas trees are lite in the Smith Mall, the Waterfront is elegantly decorated, and the feeling of excitement is evident.  Cullen Bay with its beautiful and

classy shops are exquisitely decorated and it seems that Santa is using the Darwin boats to distribute his gifts.  Casuarina is having a pool party and the suburb of

Palmerston is bringing classy to Darwin.  The restaurants and cafes have all their decorations and trees displayed and Christmas music playing.  We have been

to the Greek Tavern Kalymnos and the food was exceptional, and the Christmas tree shines bright with the enormous picture of the Greek island of Santorini,

with blue and white being the evident colours of the picture.  Darwin’s colours of red, white, orange and black are everywhere in Darwin and one feels warm

and earthy as they walk the streets of Darwin.  The artwork in the street of Darwin are bright, colourful and magical.

There are different nationalities that live in Darwin and there are a large group of Greeks who live here.  We have diverse traditions and going to the Christmas

service at Saint Nicolaos is an important event for the Greek community of Darwin.  The three churches I have attended in Darwin have put on a spiritual and

entertaining shows for the church goers and all of Darwin people who want to attend the Christmas services.  Saint Nikolaos Greek Orthodox Church has a

colourful service with a classic liturgy and followers attending the church service on the 25th of December 2020.

The Christ of church Cathedral, the Anglican has a service of Nine Lessons and Carols on Sunday the 13th of December at 6pm.  The church has placed the

Christmas star in the church hall and people are preparing themselves for Christmas.  The Reverend Rob Llewllyn is the new Dean and is pastoring the church at


Saint Mary’s Church has begun its Christmas festivities with the presentation of the Darwin Chorale which was a wonderful feature of vocal talents of 40-strong

choir with an array of Christmas songs.  Musical Director Nora Lewis is presenting an array of beautiful songs.

“There are hundreds of carols that have not made our modern cannon.  I want to introduce the audience to some new ones that they are bound to fall in love with,” she said.

The Rev. Joel Xanthos is pastoring the Greek Orthodox Church in Darwin.  The Baptist Church is Darwin will have a carol meeting and a meal on the 13th of


The Lighting of the Darwin Waterfront on the 27th of December at 6pm to 8pm was a lovely evening with families, children and Santa enjoying the festivities.

The whole family was invited to discover a Christmas Wonderland amongst the green Parklands of Darwin Waterfront, as Christmas comes to life every night

until the end of the year.  The experience at the Waterfront was an exciting and wonderful one.

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