German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her address to the Bundestag on the 2020 state budget spoke of the great changes that are taking place in the world, the many emerging threats, global crisis points, the upset in international free trade, climate change, and above all the US-China clash and the role of Europe.

She expressed opposition to US President Donald Trump’s unilateral policies and maintained that China must assume more responsibilities internationally.

Merkel advocated multilateral cooperation and said that the idea that each country must fend for itself is a prescription for tumult.

She insisted that Europe must play a more active role in international affairs, undertake responsibilities in the areas of defence and security, undertake a leading role in combating climate change, and shape policies to combat racism and hatred against foreigners in Europe and around the world.

It was an exceptional speech and a message to Europe that it must defend the values system that has prevailed in the post-war period but which is now being challenged by revisionist forces globally.

Essentially she was responding to the wayward policies of Anglo-Saxon politicians.

We have of late seen the victors of WWII abandoning the positive geopolitical structures that followed it and the vanquished defending them.

It would be most unfortunate for the world if the management of international affairs were to fall into the hands of populists who resort to lies, hatred, and international tensions which emanate from economic isolation and unilateral economic protectionism.

Greece has many reasons to align itself to the new European targets presented by the German Chancellor.
National objectives such as the demand for the protection of the Greek and European borders will be advanced through a bold and common European defence policy that will lead to the deepening of European unification.

Greece’s economic recovery and definitive exit from the crisis will be achieved more easily in a global environment of free trade and its participation in a broad front to combat climate change can only benefit the country.

Greece will benefit only if it aligns with EU policies.

Otherwise, it will be imperiled in a world in which every country is out for itself in confronting threats that transcend us.

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