On one of the very few issues on which they agree, SYRIZA and New Democracy blasted Golden Dawn during the parliamentary debate on ratification of the Prespa Agreement, when the far right party raised an objection that maintained that the accord and its ratification are unconstitutional.

The opposition parties refused discussion of Golden Dawn’s objection, tabled by MP Elias Kasidiaris, due to its ideology and the criminal behaviour of its members.

“I refuse to state a position on the unconstitutionality objection of Golden Dawn. I refuse to express an opinion on the objection of a party the political and ideological forebears of which handed Macedonia over to the Bulgarians. I refuse to take a stand on the objection of a party that bears the Swastika. I refuse those who exploit the country’s past, Macedonia, the nation, and the people, and I state that when Golden Dawn uses the Greek flag it abuses the national symbol,” Dendias declared, drawing applause throughout the chamber.

It was the first time that a New Democracy MP or cadre expressed such clear and strong criticism of the far right party.

On the part of SYRIZA, former justice minister Stavros Kontonis said that he agrees completely with Dendias’ position.

“We do not permit the neo-Nazis and murderers of Pavlos Fyssas [a Greek antifascist rapper who was murdered by Golden Dawn member Yorgos Roupakias] to defend the Constitution. I am ashamed that traitors of the nation are speaking about the Constitution and democracy,” he said.






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