It is by now obvious that after-the-fact expressions of horror over bomb attacks will not suffice.

The blind terrorist strike outside of the Church of Saint Dionysios in Kolonaki is exceptionally alarming, both because of its target and because no warning call was placed.

The power of the explosive may have been very small as police say, but if it had not been spotted in a timely manner, it may have caused greater harm. The way it was positioned suggests the culprits were indifferent to the consequences.

It should be noted that beyond the terrorist groups we knew until now there are new copycats, willing to follow their course.

We are unfortunately the only country in the civilised world in which the number of terrorists instead of shrinking is multiplying. From attacks with Molotov cocktails to outbursts of violence, which are not infreqeunt, some appear to be encouraged by the tolerance that exists and they might easily take the next step toward escalation.

It is by now obvious that after-the-fact expressions of horror over bomb attacks will not suffice.

It is unacceptable for successive public order ministers and police brass to constantly be unprepared and to chase after culprits without following a cohesive counter-terrorism plan.

Tolerance and the inability to confront the phenomenon contribute to its perpetuation and encourage various mindless, marginal individuals to beome initiated in the dark web of terrorism.

It is unacceptable for the government to exhibit exceptional sensitivity in dealing with the furloughs of the 17N terrorist organisation’s top gun, Dimitris Koufodinas, and on the other hand to remain indifferent to citizens’ right to security.

It was just by chance that the recent action resulted in the light injury of two individuals – the church sexton and a policeman dispatched to the church. The same stands true, though on a larger scale, of the attack on SKAI television and radio.

It is plainly obvious that the bombers do not care if there are victims in their attacks.

Time is of the essence, and everyone must assume their responsibilities, including the competent ministers and Greek Police officials.

Otherwise, they will be co-responsible for whatever happens from now on.

Tolerance and incompetence in dealing with terrorism must end.

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