The prime minister of FYROM won’t stop the celebrations after NATO invited the country to the organization.

In fact, after his celebration on Twitter, where he mentioned that «Republic of Macedonia» is becoming «a member of the NATO family», he decided to invite citizens of 15 towns to… a fiesta!

Specifically, on his way to the summitry, the Prime Minister of FYROM invited citizens of his country to be vividly present to the celebration starting on Saturday July 14 in 15 towns because of the inclusion in NATO.

According to MIA agency, ZAEV said; «From today Macedonia only walks forward and its citizens accomplished… bg bang/ NATO decided to invite Macedonia to become the 30d coyntry – member of the organization. We were invited to become allies of the most powerful countries in the world. We achieved our common goals, our common dream and hopes».

And continued; «Let’s continue this way to our next great decision, when we decide for «yes» (meaning the referendum in autumn for the Prespes Agreement) for our future and the future of Macedonia. I invite you on Satrday 14th of July to celebrate all together, listening to macedonian music, in many towns around the coyntry. The government organizes celebrations in 15 towns, where we will congratulate our country for moving forward».

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