Kostas Karapapas has unleashed withering charges against Thanasis Karteros (PM Alexis Tsipras’ communications advisor) and against publisher  Kostas Vaxevanis.

Karapapas, the director of communications for PAE Olympiacos, in a social media post, took a stand on the continuing attack against Vangelis Marinakis over the last days, from government friendly media and journalists.

Kostas Karapapas’ post is as follows:

“I had told you yesterday that today I would take up the issue of the JUNTA and some of its representatives, some mouthpieces, like the communications advisor of PM Tsipras, Thanasis Karteros, and the government’s “gun”, publisher Kostas Vaxevanis.

Let me begin with Mr. Karteros. I am certain that he imagined the twilight of his career otherwise, perhaps by writing a book about his “lumpen” Left and how he lived it, and not in the capacity of a manufacturer of a slanderous sewer of Facebook posts.

The past

I wonder. Why does the word JUNTA make you leap in the air, Mr. Karteros? You, who are of a certain age, and have a perception of the seven-year junta, must remember that the father and uncle of PM Tsipras collaborated with the military regime. Indeed, the junta appointed to Panathinaikos FC the PM’s uncle, the father of the PM’s current advisor Yorgos Tsipras.

Do you not know, fighter Thanasis Karteros, that Mr. Tsipras’ family did much business and undertook contracting work from the junta? Of course, I am not saying that this is related to the PM, as there can be no family responsibility.

At least not for everyone. But not everyone is the same, right fighter Karteros? My father was excluded from the Military Academy (Scholi Evelpidon), despite the fact that he was admitted. He was also chased out of Olympic Airlines even though he had been hired, because my grandfather was a communist. Hence, for some people, familial responsibility cost us dearly and changed our lives.

But why does the word Junta provoke you and your friends?  From what we know and you must know, for the family of Alexis Tsipras and certain others, it was a truly profitable period!

If, for example, the Marinakis family were in the place of the Tsipras family, you “first time Leftists” would have made sure to have daily articles in Efimerida Ton Syntakton, Avgi, Stokokkino.gr, Documento, Nea Selida, and the vulgar ERT state television of the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government, with all its channels and radio stations.


We are waiting for you to tell us, fighter Karteros, how it is to embrace Kammenos, and how it is to instill in your leftist conscience figures such as Kammenos and Kouik. Except if what links you is that you are the “lumpen Left” and they are the “lumpen Right”, in which case you meet in the middle. No, not really. You meet over interests, and quite well.

With Kammenos selling (with a little kickback?) munitions slated to kill the children of Yemen, spare us your high-flown leftist theory. All right, Mr. Thanasis?


Let us go now to Vaxevanis, the “revolutionary” investigative journalist, who was also disturbed by the use of the word Junta, and rushed, in line with the desire of the PM’s office, to complain about the use of the word by Vangelis Marinakis.

He went so far as to speak of “euro-eating” people in Marinakis’ communications team.

Vaxevani, you Dr. of “euro-eating” and predator, we “euro-eaters” earn a salary that appears and is taxed. We are not KYP intelligence agents, and we do not execute character assassination contracts.

You were disturbed by the cigars at the party at the Island club, but the cigar smoke that wafts out of the PM’s office does not bother you. Nor are you bothered by the champagnes and yachts of your great “leftist” lifestyle.

At the Island club, someone paid for the cigars and champagnes. Who pays for the cigars that you light all day at the PM’s office?

‘Party’ of squandering of funds

Tell us Vaxevanis, o investigative reporter, how much money you earned at state-run ERT television when the “party” of the squandering of state funds was going on, the squandering of the people’s money, by the company Boards, and then why did New Democracy and Pasok not bother you?

Tell us how in the era of deep economic crisis you, a “non-aligned” and “independent” reporter, became a big publisher – with newspapers, websites, and periodicals – and flourished economically, when the people and most businesses were withering.

Tell us how you get ads from companies like First Mediterranean, which advertise nowhere else and have no need to be advertised, and which oddly have issues with the Judiciary and the state? How do they choose you?

What role in your choice do your bosom buddy ministers and lawyers who undertake “the rest” play?

Tell us how you receive and how much you receive from ads from the OPAP betting company, public utilities (DEKO) and MIG (Everest etc.), with the well known stories?

I’ll ask you again. How is it that whoever wants to deal with the government regarding their issues run to you to advertise (especially those facing judicial problems)?

Tell us how much money you received from [businessman] Kalogritsas and how many grazing pastures the publication of Documento cost.

Listen here, you hypocrite and corrupt KYP intelligence agent who pretends to be an honourable struggling journalist:

The judiciary

Junta is when the state intervenes in the judiciary and judicial functionaries are used as delivery workers taking convenient post-midnight depositions. Only Juntas try to control the judiciary.

Junta is when innocent people are implicated in cases with which they have absolutely no connection, simply because they did not “obey” the desires of the government, or rather of the regime.

Junta is when ministers announce in advance judicial prosecution, trampling on every human right and on every right that Democracy gave the citizenry.

Junta is to use the Authorities, the Police, the Army and state funds for shows of your conceited ministers, when the state is in dissolution and the people are becoming impoverished daily.

Junta is when no democratic procedure and no law applies to members of the regime, even as there are rabid attacks against “the others”.

A Junta is what you are, therefore, and as occurs with all juntas, some of you will profit economically.

A JUNTA is what you are, and you will leave soon to clean the country of the stench.

P.S  – Do not forget that aside from the lumpen Left of Tsipras, Karteros, Vaxevanis and Tzanakopoulos, there is a Left that learned to be tough and unrepenting. Red. Not rose

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